Spiritually Connected Inspirational Videos

The Ego Centric Person

Have you ever wondered what an Ego Centric Person is? How they behave. This video will give you an insight

What Are Spirit Guides?

Do you know who and what Spirit Guides are? Do you often think where do they come from and what is their purpose. This video will answer your questions.

I'm Sorry

Have you ever had a falling out with someone and they apologise to you, but you have this undertone feeling that something isn't quite right. This video explores the word and how we deal with them.

Turn Isolation Into A Positive 

Are you feeling the pressure of COVID-19 and lockdown, are you bored and fed up? This video will inspire you to dig deep within you to find hidden interests and hobbies.

The All Seeing Eye - The Third Eye

Do you know what the third eye is? Do you know how to open it? Are you aware that the third eye is our access point to the spirit world. This video will delve deep into this.


We all struggle with patience, we all want things now, but can we actually stop or slow down what is meant for us by being inpatient? This video explores this.

The Journey Of Pain

How awful is pain and suffering, and how far do we go to avoid it or box it up. This video explores the journey of pain and suffering and how we can move it on.

When The Past Comes Calling

Just when you have moved on, sorted yourself out, got yourself into a great place....the past returns! Is this person genuine or is their a reason why they have returned? Do you go back in time or keep moving forwards?

Against All The Odds

Have you ever wanted to create your own business? But are the people are you negative and trying to put you off? This is how I created my own healing business despite everyone against me.

Dear Universe

Are you trying to talk to the Universe? Do you know what the Universe is and how it works? This video gives you an insight into the Universe and how it can help and support you.

Bullying Is Insecurity 

Are you being bullied by someone? Do you often wonder why this is happening to you. Bullying is insecurity and it's because they fear you. Bullies show who they really are, because they aren't as magical as you!

Forgiveness Is

Isn't forgiveness hard when someone has hurt you so much! But what many people don't know is that forgiveness is about you....watch this video to find out more.

Missing Our Loved Ones

How much do we miss our loved ones when they have passed over to the spirit world. Are they really with us? Do they walk besides us? Watch to find out more.

Is Mediumship A Gift?

I often hear people refer to mediumship as a gift. This isn't true and we explore this fact in this video,

A Simple Life Is A Happy Life

We are never happy are we? We always want more, or think that money will solve everything in our life. We look at what money can do for us and how living a simple life will benefit you.

Opinions And Facts

Are you the type of person to always listen to others? Rather than finding out for yourself? Watch this video to see a twist in this.

The Rise And The Fall

Are you at the top of your game? Do you think you will stay there? We often peak too soon and go back to the bottom. Will you climb back up and do things differently? Will your journey be the same, watch and find out.

Bad Karma Or Is It?

Why does bad karma always feel like punishment? But is it punishment or is it here to save us from something harmful and toxic. Take and look and decide. 

Jealousy Is The Slow Burn

More so now, more than ever, people are so quick to become jealous of us. A picture or video on social media sparks war. This video looks into jealousy and how people are so conditioned to think in a certain way.


This video looks at trust, what it means and what you should receive when you have trust in a friendship. But what happens when you don't have trust?

The Power Of Healing

Do you understand what healing can do for you? This video explains the power of healing and how it will help you change your life.

What Is Love

Do we know what love is? Have you experienced but it wasn't right for you. Or did you have to make personal scarifies to have it. This video explores love.

The Key To Your Happiness

We all want to be happy, we all want to be content, but we must let go of people and places to achieve this. Watch this video and find out how to do this.

The Truth About Meditation

What is meditation? Why should you meditate and how will it help you to enhance your life and well being.

What Is Freedom

What is freedom? This video looks at all the different aspects of what freedom is to us and how to identify it.

The Mental Mind F*ck

When we are struggling with our minds and don't know which way to turn, what should we do? Can it be un-done?  This video explores this area.

It's OK To Be Different

When you are different, you don't often fit in. People can treat you differently to others and say things about you that aren't true. This video explores being different and what it means.

What Is A Psychic Surgeon

What is a psychic surgeon and how different is it to a healer. This video explores how psychic surgeons work.

The Spiritual Journey

What is the spiritual journey like? Many think it's rainbows and fluffy white bunny rabbits. If this where true then we would all do it. The spiritual journey is tough, hard, and not for the faint hearted.

Have You Met Your Soulmate

We all want to meet our soulmate, we all want to have that connection with someone. But what happens when we think we have met our soulmate and it didn't work out?

Where Do We Really Come From

Have you ever wondered where we really come from? This video will tell you just that.

Does Time Really Heal Us

This video explores time and does time really heal us? Or do we just bury things and hope that time wil fix everything.

Mental Health Issues

This video discusses mental health issues and how we should not be ashamed to talk to someone.

Evolve Or Repeat

Are you repeating? Or do you know someone who is constantly repeating old habits, old cycles and old ways? This video explains why people do this.

Why Do We Have To Feel Pain For It To Be Healed

Many people think healing should be a pain free process. This isn't true. Healing done in the right way should go deep into your blocks and problems and pull them out. Watch this video to find out more.

How Do We get Emotional, Mental And Physical Illnesses

This video explores how we become ill and the process of how we get there.

Why Do We Find Change So Difficult

We all want change to happen, but why are we so resistant to it. 

Will My Healing Journey Be Tough For Me

Healing is a very tough journey to embark upon. I have the upmost respect for anyone who chooses to resolve their issues. What will your healing journey be like

What Will You Feel When Having Healing With Me

The healing process is very special and unique for everyone. Everyone is worried about what they will feel when having healing from me. This video explains this.