About Psychic Readings

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What are Psychic Readings

I have always had the ability to see and communicate with Spirit, and quite often as a child I would discuss who I was talking to with my parents. Although my parents were not Spiritual, they did not discourage me from doing this and gave me the freedom to develop my skills.




I have never felt alone, I have always felt guided and supported and very connected to my Guardian Angels and Spirit. This feeling for me is quite incredible and I can honestly say that my life has balance and is full of wonderful surprises and meaning.

The word "Psychic" means that I am able to connect directly to your energy and provide you with information about your current life situation. I can also look at past, present and future for you, giving you guidance on moving forward in a positive and for filling way.

During my readings, we will also look at what is blocking you right now, and release you from whatever is holding you back, allowing abundance to effortlessly flow into your life to Restore Your Equilibrium.

It is really important to note, that readings are based on me being able to connect directly to your energy. If you are not open and do not set the intention for me to connect with your energy, you can block me. When you block your own energy the information that comes through can be confusing. So it is important to note that you must be open, willing to allow me to connect to you without putting a block there.



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