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Welcome to Spiritually Connected and Thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Becky Marshall, I am a Psychic Medium & Natural Born Energy Healer/Psychic Surgeon. I am a Fully Qualified Ushi Reiki Practitioner and a Fully Qualified Chakra Energy Healer (Doreen Virtue Certified)


I have the pleasure of working with Spirit and Universal Healing Energies. I have experienced many positive things as a Psychic Energy Healer, which I share with my clients through their healing sessions.

My healing is really centred around helping people release emotional, mental and physical problems that are affecting them personally and preventing them from living a happy, abundant and for fulfilling life.


I have the ability to see where emotional, mental and physical blocks are. I can see how they have affected you, your life and release you from them.

I am a HEALER OF THE AGES. My healing comes from within and is apart of who I am.

My Healing is very finely tuned and crafted to restore emotional, mental & physical illness within the body, allowing you to have balance in your life. You will be free from the past, which will allow you to attract the abundance you want and deserve into your life.

I am a Natural Psychic Medium and have communicated with Spirit all of my life. to give my clients accurate information and bring about healing for everyone who chooses to receive healing from me.

I have spent many years developing my skills and intuition and have created a unique and powerful healing therapy which everyone can benefit from.

I am based in The North Yorkshire Moors, National Park, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, UK.

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